About Us


In ITG-Green TECHNOLOGIES Pte Ltd (A Subsidiary of ISOTEAM ), we believe that under the umbrella of ISOTEAM Ltd, Coupled with a dynamic and committed team with relevant experience and service-oriented mindset ,ITG-Green TECHNOLOGIES Pte Ltd will be a preferred partner for your business.



The Best and Preferred Partner for Complete Solution in Built Environment


    Deliver excellent quality, cost efficient, professional services to achieve total customer satisfaction.


      1.) People Development:
      We offer fulfilling career prospect and develop individual’s potential to build highly committed and competence team with integrity and adaptability.

      2.) Performance and Accountability:
      We take ownership with initiative to achieve expected KPIs through continual learning and upgrading of knowledge and skill.

      3.) Customer Focus:
      We offer high quality products and services with innovative sustainable solutions to satisfy customer expectation with desirable results.

      4.) Relationship & Bonding:
      We value and engage all stakeholders with trust, respect and care for long term win-win situations.

      5.) Teamwork:
      We practice effective and open communication and seek co-operation and collaboration among stakeholder to achieve desirable goals.